You asked and we answered.

Your main concern was Anti-Ageing!

It’s important to keep in mind that the skin has different needs at different ages.

20’s – Protection and prevention to tackle premature ageing means adding in an SPF in everyday! Try our AGE DEFENCE SPF 50+

30’s – Collagen and elastin production starts to slow meaning skin could appear a little less plump. Step up your 5 step regime by adding in Vitamin A. Correctors, such as RETINOL help to normalise cell function while also repairing and strengthening to help promote a healthier, more youthful skin tone.

40’-50’s – The focus may shift to slightly more rich products that also focus on additional antioxidants and added peptides. As our hormone levels decline, the skin naturally produces less oil, creating a drier, more lacklustre complexion. So your need for nourishment and rejuvenation increases.